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     Private and Group lessons are available                          
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  • Etiquette: lessons for all age groups Image CLICK
  • Self Esteem Building
  • Character building for High School Students
  • Character building for boys and girls (age 6-11, 13-18, 19-Up)  
  • Modeling lessons and Fashion Shows: Kids age 6 to adult Photo CLICK
  • Acting (TV/commercials): Acting classes for kids, teen, and adults
  • Leadership Skills
  • Community Involvement
  • Help Improve the Future of our Community
  • Mentoring & Training
  • success!!!!
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Private and Group lessons are available
Stephanias INT Studios programs are educational and fun! When you sign up, you get to participate in local events Fashion Shows, beauty pageants and local talent competition.  There is no better way to develop your self-confidence, visual poise and stage presentation.  We offer close collaboration in helping you to discover and develop your  talents to the fullest potential.  Our programs teach life and work skills, and techniques that will help keep you centered and grounded as you prepare to be successful locally, nationally, or internationally.  We provide proven lesson and strategy planning, along with a truly exciting experience,  When you are here-you are family!
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